Dual Compliance

This design ensures good sealing between the scroll spirals. It allows the scroll spirals to contact and separate along the radial and axial directions.

"Teflon" bearings

High Efficiency "Teflon" is used for the upper main and drive bearing. "Space age" materials used in the compressor include: (1) Porous bronze (2) PTFE-lead overlay

High energy-efficiency

The scroll spirals in a scroll compressor wear in, rather than wear out. Over time, the wear-in improves performance.


"Unloaded Start" technique

After shut down, the two scroll forms are separated from each other. This enables full internal pressure equalization at shut down.

Refrigerating capacity data

Refrigerating capacity data listed in this manual are applicable for power frequencies of 50Hz (speed of motor equals 2900rpm) and 60Hz (speed of motor equals 3500rpm).

Lower noise and vibration

The scroll design creates a smooth sound spectrum and better sound quality. The layout of the compression chambers is symmetric, making for very minimal imbalances.

ZB Application guide

IPR valve

A built-in relief pressure valve is mounted between the highpressure and low-pressure side of the compressor.

Motor protection

Both ZB92 and ZB11M motor protection systems include an external protection module for the motor.

Temperature Protection

Therm-O-Disc (TOD) or ASTP is a temperature-sensitive snap disc device installed at the scroll outlet.

Motor protection module

Cut-off the power supply of the control circuit, and bypass the motor protection module.

Check the thermistors

Cut-off the control circuit and the power supply of the module, and remove the lead wire of the sensor from S1 and S2 terminals of the module

Minimum operating time

The number of times a compressor can start and stop within a period of one hour depends on the system configuration to a great extent.

Discharge temperature

If the system design does not ensure compressor operation within the range specified or if the system layout is not reasonable..

Crankcase heater

Single-phase scroll compressor does not require installation of a crankcase heater. a crankcase heater is necessary

Gas-liquid separator

Copeland scroll compressor has a greater capacity to resist liquid because of some inherent characteristics.

Pressure controller

To ensure the safe operation of the refrigeration system, Emerson suggests that all systems be equipped with high- and low-pressure switches.

Drying filter and humidity indicator

The filter drier installed in the liquid piping should be large enough and adequate for uninterrupted operation.

Piping arrangement

Installation of the compressor should be done according to the service conditions.

Copland Scroll Compressors ZB Series


ZB50KQ Application - Airconditioning


ZB58KQ Application - Airconditioning


ZB66KQ Application - Airconditioning


ZB76KQ Application - Airconditioning